Range Riders

This novella confronts the contemporary problems and uneasy relationships between State governments, local councils, private developers and the community when changes are proposed in urban environments.  

Range Riders describes the playing out of a proposal to build a shopping centre on the Range site in western Sydney as seen through the eyes of Ralph Bloom, an investigative reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald.  Developer Frank Ferro attempts to blackmail the Minister for Local Government using a series of tragic events that happened in Italy at the end of the Second World War, in an attempt to bring about the commercial development of an old rifle range that the local community thinks should be a park.

The leader of the Save Our Range protest group is killed by a stand over man, Ralph Bloom's wife is kidnapped by a Russian mafioso, and an affair between the developer and the chief planner of the council further complicates the conflicts of interest involved for the councillors.  The story illustrates the complexity of changes in local suburban areas and shows the power of a local community group to influence powerful events if the will is present.


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