Thank you Chris Beaumont

Chris Beaumont paints luminous realistic paintings of flowers, fruit and vegetables in a great still life tradition handed down across millennia and different cultures, from Pompeii to China to Cezanne, Magritte, Morandi and Guston.
     As a student he became fascinated by Spanish still life painters of the early seventeenth century like Juan Sanchez Cotan who used geometric arrangements of vegetables in rectangular spaces with dark backgrounds, and around the art school Beaumont became known as 'the cabbage painter'.
     The Japanese concept of wabi where beauty is identified with unpretentious, simple, transient objects also springs to mind.  His paintings resonate with the beauty and magic inherent in everyday things; they make you aware that we take things for granted and haven't really been looking.

Still Life with Zucchini

Still Life with Zucchinis
by Chris Beaumont