A Modern Fable : The Developer and the Community.

I'm here to help you, the Developer said to the Community.
That should have alerted the Community. 
The slogan 'I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you,' is well known to be one of the three great modern lies, and the Developer's claim wasn't that much different.         

It's really unfair that we get such a bad Press, the Developer went on.
We build things that people want, and in the process we create lots of jobs.  Sure, I make a living out of it, but that's only fair, I've got to pay the rent too, you know. I'm a family man and like little children. 
Why, only the other day I patted a puppy outside a shop and had my picture in the local paper, and I support the local footie team.
My only desire is to help my community, I'm not a bad guy really.

Help me by giving me a lease of your beachfront land for ninety-nine years.  Then, as well as creating beautiful new buildings for you, I'll be able to afford to renovate the heritage buildings and create lots of landscaped open space too.  And it won't cost the community anything.  That's a fair exchange, isn't it?

But how can we trust you, the community asked the Developer.
We've had some bad experiences with developers before.

This time it's different, the Developer replied.
Your Council has created a magic planning wand called an Urban Design Framework, and this wand will protect you and ensure that my development will be the best Leisure and Entertainment Precinct in the country.
Rest assured, we live in a democracy and nothing will be done without your participation.  We really believe in listening to what the Community wants.

We are still not sure we can trust you, the Community said to the Developer.  You have convinced the Government to take away our rights to appeal to the Court. What if we don't like what you build?

Don't worry, the Developer said, the Council will look after your interests and protect you.  Come to my place and see the pretty computer images showing what it will look like from a helicopter.  They did visit him and he seemed such a nice, reasonable man.  He provided coffee and cakes and the old ladies loved him.  They didn't ever fly around in helicopters but they supposed that the Council knew what they were doing.

But the Leisure and Entertainment Precinct turned out to be an enormous regional shopping centre, and it blocked the view of the beach from the upper road.  There were over two hundred shops, thousands of cars, and nightclubs where three thousand young people could get drunk to loud music.

How could you do this to us, the Community asked the Developer,
after we agreed to give you our beautiful beachfront land on a peppercorn rent.     

I just can't help myself, the Developer replied, it's my nature.