August 2016:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Is there a ' Sydney School ' of architecture?
The term has been bandied about since Jennifer Taylor wrote about Sydney houses between 1953-63 as the 'Sydney school' with very little evidence.  But since then without setting out to do so, the over one hundred people employed in the Seidler office between and 1960 and 1992 have formed the de facto alumni of the 'Seidler university'.  It's a school by any other name.  Read more 


Let's clear the air about housing.
First let's stop talking about 'low cost' and 'affordable' housing.  'Low cost' and 'affordable' are such relative weasel words that they don't assist understanding.  Read more

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Jambaroo House 02
Jamberoo House, NSW

Newcastle Pool
Sports Centre University of Newcastle

Hunters Hill Interior
Interior, house at Hunters Hill NSW

Electrical Engineering Building University of Sydney
Electrical Engineering Building , University of Sydney