Is there a ' Sydney School ' of architecture?
The term has been bandied about since Jennifer Taylor wrote about Sydney houses between 1953-63 as the 'Sydney school' with very little evidence.  But since then without setting out to do so, the over one hundred people employed in the Seidler office between and 1960 and 1992 have formed the de facto alumni of the 'Seidler university'.  It's a school by any other name.  Read more 

Let's clear the air about housing.
First let's stop talking about 'low cost' and 'affordable' housing.  'Low cost' and 'affordable' are such relative weasel words that they don't assist understanding.  Read more

Sydneysider: An optimistic Life in Architecture

Sydneysider Cover

A 217 page memoir about Don Gazzard's life and work.  Read a review by Phillip Goad, Professor of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.

 (Watermark Press 2006)




MAGARI is a great Italian word that means 'If only!  It's usually said with an expressive shrug of the shoulders, so shrug and  click here to read an optimistic magari story.

First politics and money… then design.    
The Victorian government recently set an example by borrowing to implement much needed public transport improvements.  They should face up to doing the same thing with low-income rental housing for the Millennial generation. 
Read more.

A little bit of local history.
It's almost 50 years since the English Queen opened the Sydney Opera House and it's time for a good historian to dispassionately re-evaluate how the brief ran off the rails, and the unpopular role played by Peter Hall in completing the building after Utzon's so-called resignation.  Read more.

An Obituary for Don Gazzard
by Mark Sheldon, 2017

I met Don in 1977 when I went to work with him on the recommendation of Colin Griffiths from Harry Seidler's office, after returning from overseas travels and graduation.  Read more.




Jambaroo House 02
Jamberoo House, NSW

Newcastle Pool
Sports Centre University of Newcastle

Hunters Hill Interior
Interior, house at Hunters Hill NSW

Electrical Engineering Building University of Sydney
Electrical Engineering Building , University of Sydney